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Kaimana Coffee

Logo for Kaimana Coffee | Maui Logo Design

The Mission

Kaimana Coffee is elegant, refined, and hand-crafted coffee. It was imperative their logo said just that.

The Meaning

Kaimana means Diamond in Hawaiian. Diamonds are well crafted elgance like their coffee.

The Brand

Modular in design this logo can be applied to various layouts and needs. Look out for Kaimana Coffee in Kihei, Maui. A wonderful Maui logo design that was a pleasure to work on.

Benefits Of A Quality Logo


Your logo is the face of your business. Whether you're online, in the work field or have products in a store for the world to see. Make the best impression possible.

Branded Products

No matter what services you provide or products you sell, a logo and branding combine them all together under one roof. The piece of the puzzle that brings all your marketing together.

Company Consistency

Finally! A logo, colors, patterns, and brand guidelines keep your team all on the same page. From the top down everything you build together is consistent.

Competivitve Advantage

Don't wait to take your logo and brand seriously. Taking the right steps from the get-go can give you a strong edge on your competitors whom are still using an outdated logo and incohesive brand assets.


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