WordPress Troubleshooting: White screen of death.

One of the common WordPress Troubleshooting issues is a white screen. The infamous White Screen of Death appears on WordPress when something goes wrong and it can be scary. Though it may look like your site is gone trust me it is still there and very much retrievable by you.

Create a Custom Highlighted Selection Color: CSS Tutorial

In this HTML & CSS tutorial I demonstrate how to use CSS Pseudo Elements to create a custom highlighted selection color text to user selected text.. When a user selects text or “highlights” it the styles you created will appear. This could be a great...

Sticky Headers the Super Simple Way

Sticky headers are a popular way to keep your header and navigation at the top of a page as a user scrolls. I show you a simple way to do that. GET STARTED

DesktopServer for WordPress development locally.

Developing a WordPress website on your local computer can really increase your workflow speed and productivity. With benefits like no internet response time and not having to constantly ftp files to your live server makes WordPress development a breeze. While you can...

Google Authenticator for WordPress Two Step Verification

Google Authenticator is a Two-Step Authenticator Secure Sign-in Plugin for WordPress that helps you increase security and makes your WordPress website that much more secure. Keep Hackers and Bots from Hacking your Website Today! WORDPRESS PLUGIN...