DesktopServer for WordPress development locally.

DesktopServer for WordPress development locally. Developing a WordPress website on your local computer can really increase your workflow speed and productivity. With benefits like no internet response time and not having to constantly ftp files to your live server makes WordPress...

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Google Authenticator for WordPress Two Step Verification

Google Authenticator for WordPress Two Step Verification Google Authenticator is a Two-Step Authenticator Secure Sign-in Plugin for WordPress that helps you increase security and makes your WordPress website that much more secure. Keep Hackers and Bots from Hacking your Website Today! WORDPRESS...

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Single Page Websites and how to use them.

Single Page Websites and how to use them.

I love single page websites. They are versatile and can be used for so many different reasons. Whether you have little content or just getting started online a single page website can help. Don't let the size fool you. One page websites can pack a punch if used...

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WordPress Appearance Editor Removal.

WordPress Appearance Editor Removal. Remove the WordPress appearance editor from your appearance panel in with one line of code. Why would you do this? The appearance editor, where you have access to all the code and files in your site is a prime breeding ground for errors or...

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WhatFont: Typography Extension

WhatFont: Typography Extension What is WhatFont? This an amazingly simple typography extension for Google Chrome that allows you to quickly discover fonts used on any website. When turned on you hover over a font and it tells you the font name. Click on it and a popup...

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