MOO Business Cards (Review)

by | May 17, 2016

As this is my first time ordering Moo Business Cards so I figured I’d make a review. Moo is a well-known printing company known for their affordability, unique printing options, and features.

I really did enjoy and their service selections and customer service as well. Even with some hic-ups in the process, we worked it out without a problem.

The paper quality was great for the price you pay. The print job and other effects applied we’re okay and would pass on some jobs and not on other. The still have work to go to get the foil overlay down and other companies do a better job so if that important for your project I would look elsewhere.

I do look forward to ordering some more product form them in the future. In fact, if I get good feedback I’ll review some other companies I’ve used in the past.
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